What kind of fuel should we get for a creme brulee torch?
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My friend needs fuel for a Crate & Barrel's Culinary Torch, SKU 447463 The torch was purchased at Crate & Barrel, fuel not included, so: What kind of fuel should we get? We've heard propane. Is that correct, or should it be something else? And what sort of container does it need to be in? Finally, where to buy it? Thanks!
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Butane, not propane -- like what's in lighters. You can buy it lots and lots of places, and you re-fill them basically just like you refill a lighter.
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I have a very similar torch that uses butane, like this. It is in most grocery stores. Your torch should have a small brass refill fitting on the bottom.
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Yep, looks like butane to me. I also have a very similar torch.
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From the reviews for the item:

"Buy the right fuel! "This torch works well once you buy the right fuel... DO buy the cheap butane meant for cigarette lighters. DON'T buy the fancy kitchen store butane meant for culinary torches. The fancy stuff won't load correctly, and you'll be frustrated and think your torch doesn't work. But with the cheap stuff from the grocery or liquor store, you're in business. Holds a good flame for a long time. Still takes a little while to brown 8 creme brulees, but gives a nice result overall."
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butane can be purchased at home depot or other hardware store, at a very good price. i bet you could find it at walmart or target. grocery stores and drugstores will be pricier.
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You may have luck checking in the "Camping" our "Outdoor" section of any big box.
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I bought a similar item on Woot about two months ago and have yet to find anywhere that sells these darn butane things. Walmart, Target, CVS, nothing. Good luck and please post if you do find them.
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I picked up something similar at a local Linens N Things -- it takes butane, which they carry in small canisters that you just butt up against the bottom of (my) torch.
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I know this isn't entirely on-topic, but for the sake of future readers, here's a recommendation-- every professional kitchen I've ever been in that uses a torch (i.e., any one that makes pastries, desserts, etc) uses a plain ol' home-depot blowtorch. If you're fancy you can get the push-button ignition, or you can just get the normal one and light it off the stove. Far cheaper than the fancy-type Crate & Barrel version, works better, and fuel is way easier to find.
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Seconding Pickman's Next Top Model, I'm a professional pastry chef and my standard blue propane torch is rarely out of arms reach. Cheap, and available pretty much anywhere. (Pro tip: running the flame over the exterior of your cake pan, pie tin, or tart shell will make your pies, tarts, and brownies pop right out with no fuss.)
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