Unidentified Coin
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While hiking with friends my daughter found a small box lodged in a hole in a cave wall... Inside the box there was a small coin that looks quite old. I took a picture of it with my phone but the quality is pretty bad... I'm hoping that somewhere in the hive collective - there are some Coin Collectors or Numismatics that could identify it. Attached is the link to the picture


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We need some more information, probably. Where are you located? What is on the other side of the coin?
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If you can take a picture in full sunlight, it should be able to focus better. As it is, it doesn't look to have any denomination or text, just a large pattern, almost like a button. Can you also take a picture of the back side?
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If you squint your eyes, you could imagine it looking similar to an old Spanish gold doubloon.
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A bit more context is necessary, and a better picture. It looks like more like a button than a coin to me, just the way the front is designed at least.

Also, could you post a picture of the box it came in, to satisfy those of us who are curious?
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More examples of doubloons. Note that those are replicas.
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Perhaps your daughter stumbled across a geocache. If so, you may be able to figure out its provenance later if you note the coordinates now.
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Sounds like it could be a geocache (but then it'd probably have a logbook in the box too) — might look up the area just in case.
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I'm also thinking button, maybe an old button that was meant to look like a doubloon, but I agree that better pictures of front and back would help, taken in good light with a better camera, preferably.
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less on the provenance of the coin and some advice on taking pictures. Use the macro function (probably a little flower icon) on your camera and that will allow you to get up close and focus.
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It would help if you had a ruler next to it for scale.
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I agree that it's a toy doubloon, like these (Board Game Geek, self-link). Here's a few more. Any of them match?
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(Toy, but still metal, I should've said.)
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