Can you legally mail cigarettes from Canada to the US?
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Can you legally mail cigarettes from Canada to the US?

My American friend misses her now-outlawed clove cigarettes, and since I'm mailing her a birthday gift anyway I thought it would be nice to include a pack.

Is this legal, especially considering that cloves can't be sold in the US anymore? Or is it likely that it will get my package stopped at the border and held?

I tried looking at Canada Post, but they seem to only be talking about large quantities of cigarettes being brought over for sale. I'm not trying to start a smuggling operation here, just send a pack to my friend.

Thank you!
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The PACT Act now prohibits the transportation of cigarettes and various other tobacco products by USPS. Could you get away with surreptitiously including a pack? Probably. You could use UPS or FedEx instead, but they tend to be more finicky about customs declarations and clearances.
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