Is there a doctor present?
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My SO's PhD defense is coming up. Can you help me find small doctor-related presents/music?

This is what I've come up with so far:

- I'm planning on hiding silly notes with doctor jokes in our appartment. (In non-obvious places, so it will take weeks until he finds them all.)
- Although I'm the actual Doctor Who fan, he's familiar with the series and certain phrases, so he will enjoy this mug.
- I'm trying to take pictures of our cat with non-photoshop textballoons congratulating him.
- I've a very sexy nurse uniform for his first night as a doctor.

His PhD is in the eco/bio-sciences (being deliberately vague), so as his 'real' present, I was thinking of a an EcoSphere.

1) Do you have other great ideas for small and silly gifts?
2) Do you have a brilliant suggestion for a 'real' gift?
3) Do you have suggestions for doctor-related music to secretly put on his Ipod?

A few remarks:
- The defense is in a few weeks, so there's still enough time to order presents online (have to ship to Europe though).
- My SO is not a poor grad student, he completed his PhD research while working. So, nothing will change drastically after the defense.
- The day after the defense, we will leave on a short vacation to someplace warm to relax (destination still unknown). So, a scavenger hunt is out.
- Of course, I'm also helping him out now by doing the household chores and proofreading and editing his manuscript.

Anonymous as to not spoil the surprise, but throwaway emailaccount:
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There's a new beverage simply called's a fruity concoction of kombucha tea. My friend bought me a bottle when we were working on our PhD apps. (Be warned's impossible to open, seriously. We had a good laugh.)

Also, a book to read...for fun.
(Avoiding novel novel joke.)
(Ooops, too late.)

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I am also a grad student in the eco/bio-sciences. I would LOVE an EcoSphere (maybe I'll send this link to my family as a big hint). Depending on what he studies, there are lots of cool mini terrariums that might be more specifically appropriate (although not as simply cool as an EcoSphere): Here's one with carnivorous plants, and all of these look really cool.

Popular gifts around here are something silly with their study organism or system--kids books, stuffed animals, t-shirts, jr. scientist kits. My advisor actually found a mug with a cartoon nitrous oxide molecule on it for my labmate who studies greenhouse gases who recently defended (nitrous is popular with non-biogeochemists for other reasons). In my mind, you can never go wrong with a grab bag of cool tiny science toys from the local kids science museum.
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Smartypants/doctor/eco-friendly songs:
I'm your man - Leonard Cohen
Kyoto Now - Bad Religion
I need a doctor - Underworld
Good - Morphine
Messages - Xavier Rudd
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When I defended, some of my friends got together and gave me a copy of the Calvin and Hobbes collection 'Scientific Progress Goes Bonk' that they'd all signed. I still get happy when I look at it.
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Get in there quick with the nurse uniform - I slept for four days after my post-viva party...
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One more song:

Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor Doctor) - Robert Palmer
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My dog is named 'Doctor'. If you MeMail me with your email address I could send you a photo or several thousand.

Also, for Christmas last year my friends gave me a copy of Babette Cole's children's book, Dr. Dog. It is funny and weird at the same time.
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This tshirt from PhD comics.
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"She Blinded Me With Science."
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There's a song by Supegrass called Sun Hits the Sky which has a chorus with a pause followed by the lyric, 'I am a Doctor' which can be quite nice if one has just had one's doctorate granted. It's quite an upbeat song so good for a celebration event.
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A comfy sleep-appropriate T-shirt with "PhinisheD" silkscreened on the front. (A sleep shirt instead of a regular T-shirt because the message will rapidly lose its timeliness, and because it's kinda pretentious to wear your degree on your chest. Also because there will be sleep, oh, glorious sleep.)

After my defense, my SO gave me "congratulations!" signs and balloons and flowers. All were appreciated, even though they weren't particularly novel, because it was just so darned nice that he took the time and acknowledged the moment.

Since you have a few weeks, you could see if you could change the default title for a magazine subscription or utility bill or whathaveyou to Dr. Anonymous. I am still tickled when I get mail at home directed to Dr. Gingerest (because it's purely a social title for PhDs, it really doesn't happen as much as you might think).
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Maybe some smartwool phd socks?
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