Staying cool while keeping warm.
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Can we do this question again, please, but for men? It's about being cool while keeping warm.

A friend of mine once decided to become a rock star and spent a couple of years as a punk gunslinger. He also began to wear incredibly cool clothes. The problem was that this was in Scotland, so--he complained, resignedly--in the winter he was cold all the time.

Is this inevitable? Or, if we want to stay warm, are we doomed to bulky outerwear?

I was about to ask this question when I saw that someone asked it today--but for women's clothes. Some of the tips there probably also apply (layering; woolens), but suggestions for good men's clothing to wear and places to buy it--in the US or UK--would be very welcome.


I'm aware that this is not the time to get good deals on winter clothes in the northern hemisphere.
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Best answer: I just got this coat and it has been great to me so far.
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Same answer as for the ladies - layers, and I like to start with silk long underwear, but really any thin layer will do. And I wanted to add that even a thin layer of wool is great - it doesn't need to be so bulky.
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In the winter months I wear Underarmour ColdGear under my regular clothes. I used to go to school in upstate New York (just around the area that gets slammed with lake effect weather) and would walk to class in the driving snow. Always kept me quite warm. If you're wearing supertight pants, though, it probably won't work.
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Long underwear is the answer--silk is good, but there are other options at outdoor stores. I walk to work, so I need something that will keep me warm while I'm outside, but won't roast me when I get to work. The heaviest long johns are too much, for sure, but the light silk and synthetics are great.
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I like the gear that Chrome Industries sells. Their men's apparel is masculine, yet elegant and sleek at the same time. It also is very durable. I layer their stuff to keep warm during the PNW winters, and I hardly look like I'm wearing a parka.
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Undershirt, long underwear (top and bottom), and extra-thick socks (from a camping store or the like) followed by a nice sweater and some warm pants (corduroy is good, as are wool pants). Scarf. Maybe a nice pea-coat? Don't forget a hat. I like a wool cap, as they come in a vast array of styles and colors, and aren't really that expensive.
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Seconding Under Armour ColdGear. I somehow ended up with a pair of their leggings (You can call then thermals if you like) and they're amazing. They even work with skinny jeans! The downside is that after you wear them you realize how insufficient regular thermals are and can never go that road again.
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If I can piggyback, question for those who wear long underwear and the like - how do you avoid sweating horribly at the office, or to a heated store? I usually find most businesses are kept in the high 60s and into the 70s in the winter, and I can't imagine adding more layers that I can't quickly shed as I move from outdoors to in-.
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Ralph Lauren makes a pretty nice cashmere topcoat that isn't too bulky.
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Scarves! They're ultra cool on men these days :P
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Seconding scarves- American Apparel's circle scarf is deliciously soft, very comfortable, and all the rage.
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This one, to be specific!
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Best answer: Add a hat. Whatever works with your personal style is fine, as long as it is made of wool felt or a nice knitted cashmere beanie or something similarly heat retaining and high quality. Men can totally get away with a hat in winter in ways that would make you look like you're trying too hard when it's spring or summer. Take advantage.
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I'm a dude and answered that last question the same way I'll answer this one. Microweight SmartWool long underwear or silk long underwear. I find that you can easily get a light enough layer to give you enough warmth outside and still not roast when you get inside. If I'm going to spend a lot more time outside standing around, I might layer a heavier weight long underwear and resign myself to taking it off when I head inside.
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Response by poster: Thanks folks--lots of useful suggestions. Nice coat, griphus!
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