These non-leather boots were made for walking and sprinting in the rain and snow.
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I need vegan men's work boots in size 7 or 7.5. Please help?

Several years ago, I bought the best boots in the history of mankind. They cost about $30 and were Stanley brand (like the tools). They were steel-toed work boots with a pretty solid tread, and they were pretty waterproof. They were made of cheap material, so they were non-leather (but not targeted at vegans). They somehow managed to last me about 6 years. Now I need new ones, and those are no longer on the market.

My budget is about $100 or less, but if they'll last me a long time I could spend a little more, so feel free to suggest something that costs more if it fits my other requirements. The boots need to be completely animal-product free, and they must play well with snow and rain. Ideally, they'll be black, but other dark colors are fine. I spend most of my day walking around outside, so they have be comfortable enough for that. I also need to be able to sprint quickly occasionally. I wear a size 7 or 7.5 (US Mens), which it seems that many companies don't make.

I live in Brooklyn, NY. I'd prefer to buy in person, but am willing to buy online if the site has a decent return policy. I'll also be traveling to Boston later this month if there's someplace I should check out there.

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There's these available online from a UK seller, but I see they do ship to the US. Probably won't be the best suggestion you get, but I had it in me bookmarks so hope it helps. (Their returns policy is on this page)
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I prefer buying vegan shoes, and my first place to look is Payless, oddly enough. Most of their shoes are non-leather, and I try them on carefully and grab online coupons. I'm pretty happy with the results. I'd be even happier if there were a widespread chain of non-sweatshop vegan shoes, but it's halfway there.
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Do they need to be steel-toed? Or just heavy-duty? If it's just heavy-duty, try MooShoes, but you may be looking at paying a little bit more than $100 (these are $95, however).

There are only $68, but you can't try them on first since I believe they're only sold online.

If you're fine with non-all-black, there are some "outdoors" options that are a bit more heavy-duty than a lot of "fashion" boots. They just won't look as good.
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Seconding payless -- it seems those stanley workboots were sold there originally, and the ones they have now may be the same/similar with a different name. These might be more or less what you're looking for? But I think most if not all on this page are vegan.
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Garmont makes a series of vegan hiking shoes and boots that may do what you need. I've worn the Nagevis for years and can vouch for their excellent out-of-the-box fit (I have narrow-ish feet) and durability.
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Try Muck boots. I have a pair for brewing and plumbing work, and they are super comfortable. They make several steel-toed models, and almost everything they make is vegan.

Since they are designed for wet messy conditions, most models don't have laces, so you want to size them carefully.
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