Mental Health Care in San Diego?
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Where can I find quality, affordable mental health care in San Diego?

A family member has recently moved to San Diego and is struggling; there is a history of depression on both sides of the family and it would help him a lot to talk to someone and, possibly, go on medication (although I really don’t know about this since I’m not a medical professional). He does not have health insurance (beyond basic disaster stuff like if he gets run over by a bus or something) and does not currently have a job, so money is very tight right now, although my family would be willing to support him in this financially as much as we are able (which is not an unlimited amount). What are his options? Are there good doctors or clinics with a sliding scale for payment? I don’t know if he’d need medication but it would be great if he could see someone who would be qualified to help determine that/prescribe if necessary. Thank you so much for any help and suggestions – we all love him very much and want what is best for him.
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From a psychaitrist I know in the area:

"Briefly, UCSD Gifford Clinic, Douglas Young Clinic, Childrens Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic of Childrens Hospital; Family Service Organizations ie Catholic, Jewish, etc. There may be others. Possibly a call to Mesa Vista Hospital (858 278 4110) would lead to other resources beside those outlined"
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