What the heck was Pumpkin Creek?
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When I was a kid in the 80s, I remember the USA Network having a Saturday morning live-action TV show called "Pumpkin Creek". The opening titles that I remember seemed to have it set in an amusement park of some sort. What was this show about and what was its format? What theme park was it filmed in?

I haven't been able to find much about it and it's been bothering me just what the show was supposed to have been as I can't remember. Did they sing songs like Kids Incorporated or was it another showcase for acquired cartoons like the USA Cartoon Express or Calliope? Does anyone know if the theme song is online?
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Wow you're right, not much online about it at all. Start at 8:10 in this video to see a promo for it. Mumbly (mentions Pumpkin Creek in the wiki) was one of the cartoons aired during the show.
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