Looking for tips & online sources for warm winter sport pants
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Flannel lined sports pants: recommends & where to order them online?

I used to have a pair of nike flannel lined sport pants that lasted me 8 years, but i cant seem to find them at any nearby sports store (nike shops included). Do you have any recommends for extremely warm sport pants (but not bulky ski pants for snowboarders and similar)? online sources preferred.

If it is of any help, this is what the inside label of my ideal nike pnts said: RN# 56323 CA# 05553 RFC# NME 920220 KL4 :
Bonus points if can you decipher what this means, though i guess it is probably irrelevant. Thanks!
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L.L.Bean has some.
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RN# 56323 CA# 05553 RFC# NME 920220 KL4 :

As far as I've been able to figure out, these don't mean anything (anything useful to these sorts of situations, at least). Nike started putting the style number and UPC on clothes only recently, and those are the two numbers that will make an item pop up in their system.

If the pants really are eight years old, then chances are you're out of luck to get another pair of the exact same style. Nike has the annoying habit of making an item (especially clothes, and double-especially pants) only once, and then never again.

To check for sure though, call their special orders number. In the US it's 1-800-806-6453, the number that popped up for Italy was +39 (0) 245279024, but I'm not sure if they perform the same function.
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spasm, thanks but i am looking for something a litlte bit more sporty. (think http://www.bizrate.com/flannel-lined-wind-pants/ )

clorox: thanks, you owe you a bonus point.
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Cabela's has flannel-lined pants; the dog walker's delight!
Also, here
and here.
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This might seem obvious, but have you tried ebay? These are horrifying but maybe something more attractive will turn up.
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