Any good high speed internet services in nunavit?
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My boyfriend is moving to Nunavut (Canada's far north) and we're researching high speed internet options. We've found a few, but want to make sure we don't miss out on any good services.

We've found the ones we heard about from other people, and a couple we hadn't, including netkaster, and a few others.

We don't want him to sign up with a service only to find out that there was something way better around the corner.

Does anyone with experience, or friends in this area, have any suggestions?
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Check out Qiniq if you haven't already.

But yeah, your best bet is to find someone in the area and talk to them. They'll be able to tell you what everyone uses and how the service actually is. I wouldn't be surprised if it varied widely from one community to the next, so take that into account if, for example, you're talking to someone from Iqaluit, but your boyfriend's moving to Cambridge Bay.
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Response by poster: Thanks. I've reviewed Qiniq's offerings.

I was *really* hoping to find a service that, not so much as being fast, didn't have a monthly usage cap. Of course, speed is nice, too, but realistically, getting something 'better than dialup' will have to do.
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I was *really* hoping to find a service that, not so much as being fast, didn't have a monthly usage cap.

Definitely not possible in the north and I don't even know if unlimited is available in general in Canada anymore (is it?).
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Oh wait, looks like Qiniq doesn't cut you off after the limit, they just (severely?) limit your speed.

Still, try to talk to a local if possible.
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Response by poster: There are a few unlimited services still out there. one we found in the North, netkaster, appears to offer unlimited services, but the speed is so awful on the affordable packages that having no limit would be pointless. It`s little better than dialup.
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Search for WISP's - you might find a deal.
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