Is there some way to create a watermark template for all outgoing Outlook email?
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I want to format my Office Outlook Professional 2003 edition to include a watermark for each outgoing email. I searched around and found ways to insert graphics into the signature part but nothing on creating a watermark over which we can send email. Is it even possible? Thanks.
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Best answer: Isn't that a Stationary thing?
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I don't doubt that there may be some way to achieve this, so that the email looks pretty in your 'Sent' box, but given the many and varied ways people read email, this is bound to fail regularly, at best, and be quite annoying, at worst.

If you really must, it's probably done by setting up some sort of custom stationery under file->options->stationary and fonts (though that's from outlook 2010 - I'm guessing the navigation is the same.
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Response by poster: "Stationary"...that's the word I couldn't think of. Thank you, Freedomboy.
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It only can be done for HTML-encoded email, and if the person receiving the email uses a mail program that strips HTML, they won't see the watermark.
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