Searching for all-inclusive in Mexico
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I'm looking for recommendations for 3-4 star all inclusive hotel/resort in Mexico with good snorkling nearby. Not particularly picky about where it is although it would be ideal to be able to reach it with a direct flight from the US. Thanks!
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We are two 40 year old female friends - one married, one not - taking a girls weekend trip next Spring. We are not big partyers and enjoy good food. We're looking for BIG relaxation, snorkling, maybe some hiking in the area. Any suggestions are welcome!
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I would suggest looking around the Mayan Riviera - I don't have specifics on resorts, but there are a number of very nice all-inclusive resorts (many friends have had wonderful trips there) and the beaches are fantastic. The Mayan Riviera (and Playa del Carmen) is about 30-45 minutes south of Cancun. Also in the area are some amazing ruins, including Tikal which is gorgeous and has gorgeous beaches and there's plenty of snorkeling to be had either off the coast or in the many cenotes that dot the inland. Playa is a super fun little ex-pat community, if you do decide to leave your resort, and nearby is Xcaret (pronounced ISH-karay) - a kind of eco-Disneyland where you can swim with dolphins, float/snorkel around the natural streams running through it, and see exotic animals.

I've stayed in a number of places in and around the area and have always had a wonderful time. Also, EXCELLENT food - some of the best shrimp tacos I've ever had! Have a great time, wherever you decide to go!
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Isla Mujeres. I have stayed here twice and loved it both times. If you happen to wind up in a ground-floor apartment you will likely be adopted by a friendly cat.
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Yes to the Mayan Riviera. I'm a diver, and in fact don't really LIKE snorkeling, as a general rule. But the snorkeling at uh, god, what was the name of the resort, uh the place I stayed near Tulum was AMAZING, and much better than the diving. And Tulum's the nicest beachy place I've seen in this hemisphere. (I wasn't wild about my resort, but damn the snorkeling down there was amazing.)

So, Tulum.
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Also, near tulum you have Xel Ha, which is great for snorkelling. BTW, DONT go to xcaret ;)
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I just got back from a week in Playa del Carmen. We stayed at Hotel Catalonia Playa Meroma, and I would go back in a heartbeat. We snorkeled near Akumal and spent a day exploring the amazing ruins at Coba, spent the rest of the week on the lovely lovely beach. Memail me if you have questions, I could talk about how much I loved it all day.
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Also, by Tikal, I meant Tulum. Thanks cyndigo.
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