Reputable tax preparer in metro DC area
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Does anyone know of a reputable tax preparer in the metro Washington, DC area?

If so, please email me.
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Or, uh, you know, just post your answer here.
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Meredith & Associates, Inc.
7630 Little River Turnpike, Ste. 720
Annandale, VA 22003

I used them for years (I don't live there anymore) and my folks still use them.
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We use an acct. based in Virginia Beach, VA. She's good and far cheaper than what we'd pay up here (she charged us $165 for state and federal). Unfortunately, she doesn't do electronic filing.

Earlene Newhart
3330 Pacific Ave.
Suite 204
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(757) 422-1761
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Premier Tax
Lawrence Sperling
10105 Lorain Ave., 2nd Floor
Silver Spring, MD 20901
(301) 681-9200

Larry did mine this year, even though I am working in California as a travel nurse, (read--special tax advantages that he knew about). I had to file in three different states and file federally. He filed my federal electronically, but the three states are not ones he did a lot of, so he couldn't file those electronically. I was impressed with him.
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