Need clips about self esteem
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Need clips discussing self esteem and need them fast.

Got a thing due tomorrow.

I need at least one good clip from a TV show or movie talking about self esteem. One idea of interest is whether or not giving everybody a trophy for just participating is beneficial or detrimental. But it doesn't have to be anything about that. It can be a serious or comedic clip. No wrong answers, all suggestions welcome. Thanks
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The Incredibles (@5:54)

Helen: Dash... this is the third time this year you've been sent to the office. We need to find a better outlet. A more... constructive outlet.
Dash: Maybe I could, if you'd let me go out for sports.
Helen: Honey, you know why we can't do that.
Dash: But I promise I'll slow up. I'll only be the best by a tiny bit.
Helen: Dashiell Robert Parr, you are an incredibly competitive boy, and a bit of a show-off. The last thing you need is temptation.
Dash: You always say 'Do your best', but you don't really mean it. Why can't I do the best that I can do?
Helen: Right now, honey, the world just wants us to fit in, and to fit in, we gotta be like everyone else.
Dash: But Dad always said our powers were nothing to be ashamed of, our powers made us special.
Helen: Everyone's special, Dash.
Dash: [muttering] Which is another way of saying no one is.
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I pity da fool tha don't recoup!
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In an episode called "Murtagh" on How I Met Your Mother, Marshall coaches Lily's kindergarten basketball team. All the kids get a trophy just for playing, which competitive Marshall finds appalling, though he comes to appreciate it at the end.
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Great answers, you're all winners in my book. :P
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