I'm looking for record stores in New Orleans.
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My wife is traveling to New Orleans this weekend, and I'd like her to pick me up a (vinyl) record or two. The place she's staying is on the edge of the French Quarter and Faubourg Marigny. Can anyone recommend some cool record stores in that general vicinity where she could pick up N.O. jazz/blues vinyl? I've done a bit of searching, but most of the places I've found seem to stock mostly CDs.
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Louisiana Music Factory and Peaches are both local shops that carry vinyl in the Quarter. I'd give my business to LMF first, but that's just personal preference. Both shops stock mostly cds (as you mention in your question), but they have vinyl sections. If she's doing any shopping on Magazine St., she could stop into Jim Russell's. All the other record stores in town would be way out of her way.
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Seconding Jim Russell's on Magazine St.
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I think Domino Sound Record Shack, at 2257 Bayou Road, is the best record store in the city. They have a varied and amazing selection of vinyl. It'd be easy to get to from the Marigny -- go to Esplanade, take a right, then another right on Bayou Road, about 1-2 miles away.

Louisiana Music Factory is great, particularly for local music.

The records at Peaches are clean and the selection is OK, but their prices are high. It is on the tourist strip, after all.

I would avoid Jim Russell's. I think that their records are mostly low-quality, poorly organized, and very run-of-the-mill. And if you do manage to find something worth buying, they'll want an outrageous price for it.
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Also the relatively recently-opened branch of St. Louis' Euclid Records out on Chartres.
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