Freelance hourly rate for PowerPoint/Keynote development in NYC?
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Freelance hourly rate for PowerPoint/Keynote development in NYC?

I'm inquiring about what hourly rate to charge for developing a 35+ slide presentation in Keynote for a venture capitalist to explain his biotechnology startup. I will be assisting both with content and with producing the final presentation: brainstorming the story and delivery, finding relevant imagery, as well as designing slides. Video will be edited from documentary and educational DVDs and incorporated into the presentation, along with some basic animations. 

I currently teach a humanities course at the college-level and have no science background. Before my academic career I worked in design and information technologies, but not specifically PowerPoint. The presentation is for a small, educated audience without a science background. 

I've been able to produce similar presentations (with video, etc.) for personal use in my college classroom under the same conditions (mac laptop, Keynote), so I'm confident I can complete what he's requesting.  

I suggested $50/hour and he thought that sounded low, so he asked me to do more research on rates. The client is a great guy and generous, and I don't want to take advantage of him. We may pursue a flat-rate, but he still wants an hourly.

I've been searching for PowerPoint and "presentation specialist" and am getting a range of hourly rates, but it's unclear if they also reflect content development. I am in NYC and so I assume the hourly rate may be higher than other cities. 

I've reviewed this question:

Since posting this anonymously, I hope I've anticipated any questions. Thanks so much for your help! 
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