How to hire an animator?
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Need advice on hiring an animator to make a short film.

I need to find a person or firm to create a short (3-5 minutes?) animated film, aimed at elementary-age kids, explaining a scientific topic. So far I've been googling for local firms that do commercial animation; one of them looks like it could do the whole project (developing the script, writing the music, providing the voices, plus the animation itself) but this project may be too small for them. I'm kind of afraid to even call them, though, because I don't even know what questions I should be asking. Advice at this stage?

(I know about BrainPop but would like a little different style and also more flexibility in distribution.)
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Post on, there's a forum for job postings. You'll probably want to hire a student or recent graduate of some kind. Feel free to PM me if you need some help, I'm a pro.
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I'm memailing you some information.
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Me too, memailing you.
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Third Me-mail for you.
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I assume "project is too small for them" really means "they are probably too expensive?"

Give your budget and ask to see some portfolio work. Try to find an example in the work you would be happy with if you received. If you have to go, "Oh, I like it but hate the colours" or whatever, you are adding a new thing that might be miscommunicated.
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Thanks for the connections and advice, everyone!

By "too small" I don't mean the budget really - I think what we have will be adequate - more that this would be a one-off production whereas the company I'm thinking of approaching does work for major firms and TV shows, so I don't know that they'd want to bother with such a small client.
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