Campy, sexy late-60s romps.
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Looking for recommendations for fun, campy, European softcore sex romps from the late 60s or early 70s -- in the vein of Barbarella, Danger: Diabolik, or Radley Metzger. Bonus points for instant streaming on Netflix.

My wife and I enjoyed the amazing Viva -- a knowing simulacra of a particular kind of dramatic, sexy film from the late 60s or early 70s -- a while back. Same with sexy camp classics like Barbarella or the later Flash Gordon. We happened across Dagmar's Hot Pants, Inc. the other night browsing Netflix instant streaming, and found the whole early-70s sexy chic to be quite enjoyable -- even if the movie neither had a coherent script or any actual mention of hot pants whatsoever. Radley Metzger's earlier films tend to run up into this kind of space, but they're not quite as fun as the campier films mentioned above.

We're not interested in the post-Deep Throat X-rated hardcore scene, and the American sexploitation scene typified by Russ Meyer isn't quite what we're looking for -- although a particular kind of funny, campy American film would be OK. Similarly, something like I Am Curious (Yellow) (or Blue) is certainly an interesting film from the appropriate era, but not quite the campy, sexy romp we're looking for.

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The Girl on a Motorcycle comes to mind, though it's less a comedy and more psychedelic.

Have you seen any of Tinto Brass's films? Quite a few are light-hearted sexy romps (with particular attention paid to the anatomical features he loved best).
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The Italian stuff is wonderful. Look for Laura Antonelli films or anything directed by Tinto Brass.

And not THAT sexy, but I love, for that 60's/70's fun vibe, the Flint movies with James Coburn ("In Like Flint" and "Our Man Flint"), which are sort of James Bond send-ups. It's the universe that spawned Austin Powers.
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Made In Sweden starring Christina Lindberg from "They Call Her One Eye" fame.
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I'm sure if you browse by the years 1966-1973 you can find a nugget or three.

At a very quick glance at covers some that might fit the bill that are streaming might be (YMMV):
Gasss, Love 600, Maroc 7, The Pigkeeper's Daughter, Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You, and Modesty Blaise.
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Seconding Tinto Brass.

Also, check out Walerian Borowcyk's ouvre - THE BEAST is my favorite, but IMMORAL TALES is a close second.

Anything from Sweden and starring Christina Lindbergh would fit your bill. (With the notable exception of her most famous picture - THRILLER: A CRUEL PICTURE - which is one of the grimmest films ever made.)

You should definitely seek out Jack Hill's SWINGING CHEERLEADERS and SWITCHBLADE SISTERS.
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Vampyros Lesbos
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Perhaps the Danish Bedside-series, all featuring Ole Søltoft from Dagmar's Hot Pants, Inc.
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You might want to give Myra Breckinridge a shot.
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How could I have forgotten? Check out the Emmanuelle movies -- they vary a lot in quality and tone, but there's tons of raunch and camp, plus all the period charm you could desire.
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