I lost my last form of picture ID.
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I lost my last form of picture ID, and I don't think I have enough secondary forms to earn points for a new one because I'm paid under the table. Can I ask one of the companies for whom I once freelanced to send me an old W-2 form? Can they also send me old pay stubs?

I found my passport again after this question and, because I'm a dummy, lost it again before I got around to getting a state ID. I realize that replacing a new passport is possible by getting a witness testify to my identity (my boyfriend or roommate can do this) but I'd like to at least to get an ID without spending $135 and waiting up to 6 weeks.

I've looked over the necessary forms of secondary evidence for a New York State ID, and because I'm paid under the table (I know, I know, but it's a can of worms for another time), I don't have any W-2 forms, pay stubs, health insurance card, prescription card, anything. I have an old and relatively unofficial-looking access card to a building where I once worked, but it simply has my name, picture, and the company name on the badge. No scanning number or anything. And, for once in my life, none of our household utility bills are in my name.

We are putting one of the utility bills in my name, but right now all I have to earn the six points are: SSN card (2 points) and credit card (1 point). Assuming I get the utility bill put in my name, that's another point, putting me at 4.

If one of the companies for whom I freelanced sent me an old 1099 form, would that count? Can they also send me old pay stubs from 2009?

FWIW, I'm filing taxes for 2009 and 2010 next year and paying the money I owe in back taxes.
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The way I read the form for the enhanced drivers license you only need 4 points for proof of identity.

According to the form a US company ID badge is worth 1 point.

You don't mention it but I assume you have your birth certificate, you need that to prove citizenship.

The old 1099 etc will just help to establish your SSN.
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I do have my birth certificate. Point 2 on the first page states that one needs "at least 4 points of proof along with your Social Security Card," so the SSN card is additional, not included, in the 4 points.
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This happened to me. Right around the same time that it was discovered my parents had lost my birth certificate. So I basically ceased to officially exist for a couple months. Whoops.

When did your old driver's license expire? I was able to get a new copy of my Louisiana driver's license almost a year after it had expired, with no problem. They didn't even ask for proof of state residency. I don't even think I needed any backup ID.

If that's not an option, I think you should just take the penalty and apply for a new passport. Waiting 6 weeks and being out $135 is a small price to pay to be a real human again. Hell, when it happened to me I had to take a train cross-country to fix it, since I couldn't get on a plane without photo ID and at the time the last place that had an official record of my existence was Louisiana.
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I'd suck it up and get a new passport. With that you can get a NYS id card, which will give you two forms of ID in case you lose one again.
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Yes, you should be able to ask any companies you used to work for to send you a W-2 and/or a check stub. That should put you at your points, with what you have and the utility bill.

Your old employer(s) may have used third parties to process W-2s and checks, so check with them. You might have to call the third party directly to expedite the process but they should be able to send you that info.
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