Take my Camera......PLEASE.
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Can i check my camera at a TV recording studio in NY?

We are going into the city to see a taping of The Rachel Ray show. While we are there we will also be doing some touristy stuff, and taking lots of pictures. We can just bring the point and shoot and stuff it in a purse or something, but trips like this is the reason i bought the DSLR. Three part Question:

1. Does the studio understand that your more than likely in the city as a tourist and have a camera with you and just allow it?

2. Does the studio provide some kind of checking service where you can check your bags?

3. Is there any place that will allow you to store a small bag in the area of 222 E 44th St,
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I've gone to a taping of John Stossel's show and they explicitly said that ether is no bag check. They didn't seem to have a problem with people having small bags on them during the taping, though they did check the bags upon entering.
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Why not plan to leave the DSLR behind that day? I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities for photos of the Empire State Building or whatever on other days during your trip. New York's photogenic-ness is not going anywhere. I live here and have so far survived without an SLR camera.

If for some reason you absolutely must have such a conspicuous camera on your person all day, most museums have coat check services. I'd feel more uneasy leaving a fancy camera in one all day than I would just leaving the damn thing behind for once, but it's an option.
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I have a good friend who works at the Rachel Ray show. I'll ask him and get back to you!
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I don't live in manhattan, but 40 minutes outside, I decide whether or not I will bring the camera for the day and never check it. I second Sara C. and suggest just leaving the camera in the hotel/where ever for the day.
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Do you know when and how long the taping is? I work directly across the street from her studio (219 E 44th) and may be able to hold onto it for you.
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I can't speak to the Rachel Ray show, but the Daily Show had a bag check as well as a small-item safe. They wrote my driver's license info on a ziplock and put my items in the safe. After the taping I had to show my license to retrieve the items.
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Thank you all for the responses, I followed Sara C, and Brian Puccio's advice and left the DSLR behind. we will be back up within the next couple of months. ill take some photos then. and for future askers, I think i could've gotten away with it, as long as the camera stayed in the bag the whole time. its a very intimate setting, you really don't think you can get away with anything. Thanks all, for your answers.
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Oh, and griphus, thank you soo much for your generous offer, even if cynical me said "what the hell, lets give society a chance", my wife would've killed me. Your post was good conversation kindling. Wish i was more trusting. :-D
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