Where to donate eyeglasses in Seoul?
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Where can I donate used (but still good) eyeglasses in Seoul?

I know there are organizations in North America and the UK who will accept donated eyeglasses for charities in developing countries - anything like this in Seoul?
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The Lions Club International accepts donations of eyeglasses. Apparently there are branches of the club in South Korea.
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You're just in time! It's happening this Monday (and I think the first Monday of every month). Using google translate,
"Metro newspapers and the international aid agency blindness Vision Care for the first Monday of the month 'donations of old glasses me' decide to "Wake Up Africa" Expands Campaign.

City Hall who will participate on November 1, Sadang Station, Subway Line 2 and 6 Sillim station installed at the entrance to the Metro newspaper distributed in the collection will be donated as the glasses."

So, I guess go to one of those places, there's probably a collection box next to the Metro newspaper box.

More info at the Vision Care site (there's an English button). If you go to one of the sites on Monday and don't see anything, I would suggest calling them to clarify.
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