Can you point me to 3D models I can move and zoom around?
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Do you know an online resource where I can look at a 3D model of either a face or a body that I can rotate at all angles and maybe even zoom in so I can use it as reference for my art etc?

It would be really useful. It would be awesome if one could also move around its (the model's) parts to approximate poses. I have a dummy but it's very rigid and it's hard to set up how I want, and it's better for overall gestures. I use a mirror, but I can't use it to see what I look like from behind (e.g. extreme close up of back of head).

The only thing I can think that is like this is the Trophy Gallery in Super Smash Brothers where you can spin and zoom the models around and photograph them (also a function within the game itself).

I have this annoying little gnawing feeling that this is totally somewhere online but I can't find it :(

And it's been my experience that Meta-Filter fuckin' delivers....


Know of any?
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Try There is a 3D anatomical model.
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As far as web based anatomy goes and it's not poseable but the best I can think of is Visible Body. Click on the demo. I haven't subscribed myself but it looks promising.

I'd ask someone to take/pose for photos.
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You could try this site Mixamo. I haven't used it personally. just came across it on google. glancing at it, looks like it will allow you to make characters, rotate them etc...
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Poser - it's commercial, but it looks like you can get a previous version pretty cheaply off eBay, and there is a limited trial.
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I've used visible body - it's awesome. Particularly good for anatomy (you can strip back skin, muscles, etc). But you can't pose the model, sadly.
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