Mystery Chair
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Can you identify this chair?

This chair has been in our family for decades, and I would like to know the date or period it was made, as well as the style or name. My mom always called it a "key" chair, because of its shape. I have never seen another like it. The wood looks like oak to me, right? I would also like to know the approximate value for insurance purposes. TIA
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It does look like oak, and it's a spinning chair - the chair a person sat in while sitting spinning roving or some sort of fiber. See lots of variations here. Yours is a beauty!
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The center disk comes out, so it may have been used with a chamber pot. It was never glued, as the fit is loose and surfaces are clean wood.
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The chair is 46.5 inches high. The center disk is 8 inches in diameter.
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I think your chair is a wooden pun.

It put me strongly in mind of musical instruments-- after peering at it for awhile, most strongly a banjo.

I found similar looking chairs by doing a Google images search for banjo chair.
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It doesn't look like oak to me, but the pic really isn't close or clear enough to say.
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It's oak or ash, I like the idea of a chamber pot, if the pot rested in the hole much like the disc does. This is pure speculation but the disc may have even been used to cover the pot after a late night use, to keep the oder contained.
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