Halloween Birthday, NYC Edition
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How to entertain my implacable partner in NYC on his birthday... which is on Halloween.

Normally we have a big party, but he told me last month that he didn't want a party this year, that he just wanted maybe a nice dinner and... he didn't know what else. I said he should let me know what he wanted to do, and whom he wanted to be there, and I would take care of the rest -- but midterms and other factors have kept him from doing even this.

I plan to look over listings and such but the amount of events out there is truly overwhelming. I'm looking for ideas: fun daytime things we could do on our own and/or interesting evening events that we could drag a few other people to. I guess what we're looking for is novelty and atmosphere, no overwhelming crowds. I'd like to pull something memorable out of my hat. Can you help?

(I may be in costume that night, he probably won't be.)
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Trapeze school!
posted by HotPatatta at 8:38 AM on October 28, 2010

I'd like to pull something memorable out of my hat.

Well, maybe not a rabbit, but ...

Steve Cohen's Chamber Magic at the Waldorf Astoria. Trust me -- it's memorable.

Steve Cohen interview/profile (CBS Sunday Morning).
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Response by poster: I have been to trapeze school, HotPatatta, and let me tell you that it is a grueling process. More like trapeze boot camp! The teachers were none too patient, I left ankle-skin on one of their bars, and even though in the end I managed to successfully let go with my hands, swing by my knees, and grab onto the hands of a waiting aerialist, I left feeling pretty rattled. My muscles were sore for a full 7 days. Intense!

Also S/O is terrified of heights.
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Response by poster: Chamber Magic looks uh-mazing, ericb, but they have no shows on Sunday at all, and their Sat. shows are all sold out. :(
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I'm going to Fuerza Bruta.
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Well, not quite as awesome as the other two suggestions, but I went to Fear on 21st Street, and it was very fun and well-executed in the spirit of the holiday.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, we wound up keeping it low-key and went to see Jackass 3-D with a few friends.
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