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About 15 years ago, a good friend gave me a great 3 panel poster for a film."Love Slaves of the Amazons" was made in 1957. I have never been able to find it on DVD. I have googled it, searched many sights (including eBay) but have yet to find it anywhere. My search has lasted for 3 years. Any tips on where to find obscure DVDs? or even a real film. Cost is irrelevant.
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According to this, it used to be on TV quite a lot so there is a decent chance that someone's got a recording of it which you might be able to find via tape traders or other less-legit-than-buying sources. Universal Pictures is the distributor and there's got to be some reason they didn't release it the same way they released The Monolith Monster which it used to double-bill with in 1957. Interesting question.
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I have a movie promo listing it with The Monolith - an have the DVD fo that film.
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regarding the posting from Dee Xtrovert- The site you have listed is for films being sold by a person who does not hold legal copyright. Being in the publishing business, I will not use such a service (albeit temping...)
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jessamyn helped a lot. I contacted a friend who works at Universal. I may be able to get the film... probably for next Halloween.
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