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How do I get started as an information product publisher, when I am not writing one of those rah-rah-make-millions-on-the-internet type books?

I'm planning to write an information product (e-book, kit, etc.) about a specialized area relating to higher education (and possibly others on related subjects). I'm taking as my role model these people: . (No relation)

I need some help getting started. I've read all the posts on the green and some related forums but am lacking information on how to start the process.


- How to set up a site like that -- is it Wordpress? Can I do it on Weebly? Where can I easily set up a site that will allow me to sell an information product (ebook, kit, etc.) and replicate the site easily for other products in the future?

- A-B testing -- How do I manage A-B testing for different versions of the website? Is there widely available software that will let me rotate among different versions on my site?

- What have you learned in the process of publishing ebooks/info products that might be helpful?

- What should I be reading that is a) free b) is more focused on traditional areas of expertise and not internet marketing itself?

(By the way, I posted something similar for a friend last week, but now I'm getting interested for myself, so slightly similar question.)
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Response by poster: Uh, sorry, they edited out my link. It's a company that sells a kit to help people get TN visas to the US. I'm not promoting them (no relation), so I don't know why it was censored. But suffice to say that it's a site that sells an information product that's "real". Another one mentioned frequently on askmefi is (also no relation).
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Do some reading at .
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I have a Wordpress site. I don't do A/B testing. I test, I refine, but I find I've worked in marketing for years, so I don't think A/B is the only way to go. You *can* just start and work from there. Don't get caught up in all these products for A/B testing.

Write good products. Create stuff that's real. Be credible. Engage people. It's basic marketing and community building, really.
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