A place to meet folks for iChatting and/or iSighting
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So I'm interested in finally using my iChat to meet and hang out with folks online, as well as use my iSight for something more than scanning books. Does anybody know of fun ways to meet folks in iChat? Perhaps a community or two?

Does anyone know of any wonderful communities for folks who have Apple’s iChat? A Goggle search turned up lots and lots of matches, but they all seem to be of the spurious “Hi, I’m a lonely blonde supermodel—wanna chat? Log in now!” variety, instead of something with real people (or at least a decent percentage of real people) like Friendster or something.

Anyway, this is all prompted by a) the iSight camera I bought to use with the wonderful Delicious Library book cataloguing program and b) the lovely Dear John email I got earlier this week that has prompted me to become more social now that I’m not in a relationship anymore.

Basically, I’d love to meet some folks to add to my iChat friends list, find some people who are into similar things, and who knows, maybe meet somebody extra-special. We can all dream, and now that we have the internets, we can all chat willy-nilly with random folks.

I used to be a Yahoo chatter and IRC person oh-so-many years ago, but both seem to be rather cluttered with bots and salespeople and idiots, so I thought I’d give iChat a try, since it’s sitting on my hard drive collecting dust. I’m just not sure how to go about meeting other folks who use iChat. Any tips would be most helpful.

Have a wacky day, and enjoy.
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There were several bit communities that sprang up after iSights came out. I think http://www.chatfinder.com/ was one of the big ones.
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iChat uses AOL's backend unless you are specifically signed up with a .mac address. That said, I can't get iChat or Adium to recognize any of the AOL chatrooms they claim to have, it may be AIM-specific. According to this FAQ, some seeem to work and some don't. That page also lists dotmac.info, which has a list of chatrooms and people that you may want to start with. iChat Village also seems to have a lively community.
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Here are a couple:

dotmac community

ichat naked


But I'm pretty cynical about meeting someone else via random IM's.
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