What can I do with cappuccino-flavored kefir?
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What can I do with cappuccino-flavored kefir, other than drink it?

I bought a big ol' jug of cappuccino-flavored kefir, because it was on sale, and healthy, and I figured it would be reasonably tasty. Turns out I don't like kefir. This stuff is vile and I can't choke it down, not even a shotglass full. It reminds me of the texture of buttermilk, too, ugh.

Can I use it to cook with? Are there recipes out there that I can use this cappuccino-flavored kefir as an ingredient in? Ideas on other non-drinking uses for this stuff? I'd hate to let it go to waste.
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evaporate it
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You can adapt a frozen yogurt or ice cream recipe. The low temperature and added sugar should cut the sour taste (and the taste in general). You can use this lemon kefir ice cream recipe as a jumping off point. Basically just adjust the flavorings and sweetener to suit your needs. With a cappuccino-flavored base I would consider adding some strong espresso, cream, and sugar. Consider common coffee spices like cinnamon, vanilla, etc. Because the result will be served cold, all of the flavors need to be more intense than in a dish served room-temperature or warm.
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Best answer: Anything you make that requires batter....pancakes, waffles, etc. Use it as milk/buttermilk substitute.
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Just expanding on what goalyeehah said, it sounds like it would be great in a sweet quick bread (think banana or zucchini bread). It's just a small step from there to cake. I've found that breads with yogurt or buttermilk in them don't tend to have that slightly sour yogurty flavor when they're done.
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