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Is it possible to get one on one relationship help online?

I can post stuff here but I want to unwind a lot of issues and I need help. What if you just want someone to listen?
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There are several places that offer online therapy. Here is one. I do not vouch for them, or for any of the programs, but they're out there. There is also some avatar based therapy in Second Life.
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Amy Alkon, who's a syndicated columnist, not a therapist, does individual sessions. I can't vouch for her work, but her columns are pretty good.
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Michele Weiner-Davis's site Divorce Busting offers telephone counseling one-on-one... it's possible they have some sort of set-up for online sessions as well. They do have a forum where you can discuss relationship problems with other members.
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It's not 100% clear from your question whether you are looking for structured therapy or just a sympathetic ear, but if it is just about having a space to occasionally unload, then I recommend either the Samaritans (they are UK-based but your location doesn't matter to access their services) and the e-mail service, a trained volunteer will respond within 48 hours. If you want something more interactive, Youth in BC offer support via on-line chat and e-mail as well. It doesn't really matter either if you are past the youth stage so to speak:) I'm in my thirties and found them helpful on a couple of occasions when other support was not available. Anyway, good luck!
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Some employers offer Employee Assistance Programs (usually through their health or life insurance provider) that give you a 1-800 number you can call and talk to someone who is trained to listen and help with a huge variety of issues. The one my employer offers has personal counselors, financial planners, retirement advisors, child care and elder care help, legal referrals, etc. and it's all free.
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