How can I use my Uverse remote control to turn off DVD subtitles?
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How can I use my Uverse remote control to turn off DVD subtitles?

Today, I finally got fed up with having 5 remote controls cluttering up the living room and programmed my Uverse remote to act as a universal remote (using these instructions).

So far, so good. I can now control the power to my television, stereo, DVD player, etc. without switching back and forth. It was so trivial that it's somewhat embarrassing how long it took me to actually do it.

One catch, however. I've purchased lots of DVDs during my travels to China (3 seasons of Mad Men for $4! Complete Sopranos for $7!). The DVDs typically don't have any of the special features, but they have lots of language subtitles. Currently, my DVD player has a button labeled 'Subtitles' that I use to toggle past Chinese, Korean, English - to 'None'.

How do I perform the same task on a Uverse remote? It seems like it should be there, but my scientific method of 'punching every button randomly' and Googling has brought me nothing. It'd be sad to keep the DVD remote in the Living Room for that one button.

Technical information (if this matters):

Uverse: Motorola, VP1225
DVD Player: Phillips, responded to Uverse code 2045
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I turn captions on and off by: Menu, Options, System Settings, Closed Captions
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Response by poster: That turns the captions or subtitles on or off for the programming coming across the Uverse itself. It doesn't appear to affect the subtitles on the DVD itself.
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Best answer: Just spoke with AT&T support. They claim there is no way to perform this function currently. Two remotes it is!
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