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DCFilter: Looking for classes or group activities with an emphasis on socializing

By "emphasis on interaction" I mean something that will give me ample opportunities to socialize with other people present, preferably in some kind of structured environment. I'm new to DC and meeting new people has been a bit of a challenge - I've had good luck with Meetup and CouchSurfing in the past, but since they don't seem to be doing me much good here in DC I'm trying to get a little more creative.

Here's a few ideas I've had:
* Salsa or dance classes = Might be fun, obviously good socialization opportunities. However, I have no idea where I could take group classes on the cheap.
* Drink n Draw = I did this for a while, and had a good time with it. Is there anything similar in DC?
* Sketching classes = I have an art-heavy background and would love to take a figure-sketching group class, but I have no idea where something like that might be offered.
* Photo group = I absolutely love photography (just see my username!), but it's kind of a solo hobby by nature. I did make a few friends through a Meetup photography group in my last town, but the Meetup photo group in DC seems to be rather poorly run.
* Book Club = These seem popular in DC, but I don't know how people find out about them. I've never done one, but would be willing to try it out.

Also open to other ideas - only ask that they are Metro-accessible and not too expensive.
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Cafe Citron near Dupont is supposed to be good for salsa - I believe they have free salsa lessons on Wednesdays (not sure about the time) and then follow the rest of the night with dancing after the lesson.

Bar trivia at Stetson's on U street on Tuesday nights is also fun. I'm not sure if going alone is the best way to meet people, but I got to meet new people by going with someone who would in turn invite a few people I didn't know and so on.
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Are you athletic? A lot of the big make new friends group activities in DC are sports: running clubs, kickball, soccer, etc. If you're into that sort of thing, even if you're not a stellar athlete, I'd check out that option.
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In looking for a Dr. Sketchy's branch in DC, I stumbled over The Soundry in Vienna. That might be a ways out of your everyday way, though-- the Metro website says the nearest station is Vienna/Fairfax-GMU and it's still two miles down the road. (It's been something like 15 years since I've been to Fairfax, and I remember DC being close-but-kinda-annoying in terms of transit.)
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I know I've seen "drink and sketch" events pop up in the DCist events listings before. I've also taken a few classes through the Smithsonian Associates although they have become more expensive over the past few years.

I'm keeping an eye on this question because I'd love to find a photography group as well. I've seen some digital-only classes and groups (Penn Camera holds some) but I'm more into film.

Oh! And Artomatic is currently "between events" but it would be a great place to meet people and help out, plus their mailing list will let you know about other things going on in the area. I keep meaning to go to one of their happy hours myself but the timing is always bad for me.
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That drink n draw sounds fun! If they don't already have that type of event, why don't you organize one?
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GottaSwing swing/Lindy/jitterbug dance classes. Very, very social--partners rotate throughout the class, so you'll dance with everyone. Usual class price is 99$/7 sessions, which (always?) includes an hour of open dance after the class. About half of the dozen locations are metro-friendly.
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Or Jam Cellar for swing (lindy, charleston, &c). I don't live anywhere close to DC right now, but I know a good amount of the people involved with Jam Cellar (or at least the ones that travel), and they're pretty awesome.
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