What's your favorite World of Warcraft podcast?
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What's your favorite World of Warcraft podcast?

Podcasts that cover MMORPGs in general would be helpful too.
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I LOVE The Instance. The hosts, Scott & Randy, are knowledgeable about World of Warcraft and you can tell they really enjoy playing it. But what I like best about them is that they are respectful of how various types of players play the game. They're end-game raiding, Lich King-killing players, but they're not elitist about it, like others can be. They understand that most players have lives outside of WoW.

They parse out the game news and rumors each week with a healthy dose of humor. You won't get "here's how you must play your class" but you'll get great anecdata on how to play better.

Plus, the production quality is great. I can't stand podcasts that sound like they were recorded in a moving car with.

If you're interested in WoW blogs and blogging, I also recommend the Twisted Nether Blogcast. Disclaimer: I've been a guest on that one twice, but I was a fan before that.

I';m Akromah of Hyjal-US

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I'm a fan of The Instance as well. The sound quality and awesome productionare aspects that keeps me listening.
I actually discovered The Instance through another WoW podcast: The Guardian Tank. I actually don't play a tank but while browsing WoW podcasts I was drawn to The Guardian Tank by the host's voice. Something about his voice is appealing to me and so I listen. The tanking info can be very specific but he also takes the PoVs of Healers and DPS (in regards to tanking) so you get a good range of information.
The host got his start by submitting shorts to The Instance and regularly mentions the fact... so I started listening to The Instance and I've enjoyed it.
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Blatant self promotion: I am a cohost for one of the many podcasts that operate out of http://omfg.fm - most of our podcasts are WoW related in some way, but some are not.

I also listen to several of the podcasts affiliated with VTW - http://www.vtwproductions.com/ and the guys who run it are pretty awesome.

Also, The SnarkCast is pretty awesome - check them out http://www.dc-mmo.org/the-snarkcast/
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Total Biscuit
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The Instance, as mentioned.

the other one I listen to, World of Warcast, isn't updates very much lately, but it had sime great stuff in it and i'd hope they get back to things in the post-Cataclysm world.
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