Software tool for managing a soccer team?
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I'm captain of an adult soccer team, and would like to find a pretty simple way to: 1. get each person to RSVP online for every game 2. enable discussion (e.g. 'who's bringing food on Friday?') I'm familiar with Meetup, which matches these requirements. But it's really built around the idea of 'open' groups looking to attract new members, which we're not. Any ideas? Thanks!
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We use Yahoo groups, which, while not perfect, gets the job done.
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Facebook Fanpage. Does all that.
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I like - and it was created by a soccer coach.
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Doesn't Meetup have closed groups as well?
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My whole league uses Teampages, which is built completely for this purpose.
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All my teams use Team Cowboy.
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Doesn't Meetup have closed groups as well?

Yeah, I think they call them "private" groups. Like here. OTOH, Meetup is rather expensive for a private group, $144 per year.
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Shutterfly Share Sites will do exactly what you want, and for free.
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Seconding Team Cowboy - theres also Roster Manager (both free)
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Gameplan is a web app for organizing team sports. I haven't tried it and don't know much about it, and it looks like it might be subscription based, but it is designed for exactly this sort of situation.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the feedback. I've decided to go with Meetup, and will fold the $12/mo fees into what I charge my teammates each session (league fees, ref fees, etc.).

For reference:

* Facebook events look good, but some of the team isn't on FB, and most FB users have email alerts for events turned off, so it's not a trusted channel for announcing games.

* My test is: "If someone else told me I had to create an account on this service to play on their team, would I do it?". The niche products out there (Team this, Game that) all fail that test.

* While needing to create a Meetup account might strike some as an inconvenience, it's a pretty awesome resource. The couple of minutes it takes to sign up is well worth it, in my opinion.
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