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Which Lady Gaga should I be for Halloween?

Last year I was Lady Gaga from the "Love Game" music video, complete with leotard and disco stick. This year I would like to go as a different "version" of Gaga--can you help me brainstorm some ideas?

Outrageous/funny/sexy/crazy ideas are all good, but it has to be something that I can assemble or make this weekend, or purchase cheaply! I'm not super crafty, but I managed to make my own disco stick (that lit up!) last year. I can't sew, but I have a friend with a sewing machine who could possibly help me. I have long, dirty blonde hair, but I have a platinum blonde wig that I can modify as needed.

I've kicked around the idea of making a meat dress (not out of actual meat) but I'm not sure how I could do that without much sewing experience.

So.. Which Gaga should I go as?
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I think that if you wore a ton of red and did the makeup you would be identifiable as Gaga when she met the Queen.
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gaga from the vma performance last year (unless it's too, you know, last year).

it strikes me as very halloweeny with the blood - you could change it to a full bathing suit for warmth/modesty/and ease of dying the midsection with fake blood. just throw a goodwill floofy blouse over it (that's been cut to more of a shrug shape) - some sequins, some tall boots (or white shoes with white leggings,pulled up to look like boots).
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You should definitely go for the meat dress.

I think you could do it draping/gluing fabric to a base leotard.
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peachfuzz beat me to the meat dress. I'd hit up a pet store and get all of their steak shaped squeaky toys.
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ohhh or the kermit outfit. hit up a toy store, buy some cheap stuffed animals, sew/glue/tape (maybe all three) to a body suit, attach one head to a headband.

here's another great link for inspiration.
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i would actually not do the meat dress. i think that will be most done gaga costume this year. oh the horror of not being the only meat dressed gal at the party.
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Meat dress would be fun, but there will be a million of them this year. I bet no one else will go as Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) Gaga-- plus you could carry around and eat a bowl of spaghetti. 1, 2, 3.
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First thing I thought of was the lobster headpiece. They have plastic lobsters for luau decorations at party stores and such - stuff like this. You could get one of those, spray-paint it silver, and glitter it up outrageously. Then you'd just need a headband or some other way of attaching it to your head. About the rest of the outfit - maybe cutting up and taping a white plastic bag or several? Not very durable, though, and it wouldn't have the stiffness or probably the translucence of whatever she's actually wearing there. And then there's the shoes, and I can't quite tell what she's got going on with her wrist there. Of course, I think once people saw the lobster that would do most of the job.
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Response by poster: Ooh good idea with the leotard base, peachfuzz.

The kermit outfit is my favorite bizarre thing she has worn, but I don't think I can afford that many kermit toys. Great inspiration link!

Anyone have any ideas for how I could get fabric that looks sort of like meat? What sort of material would work best?
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The diner waitress costume from "Telephone"... it's ALL about the telephone hair!
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The police tape outfit in "Telephone" doesn't look too expensive.
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I'd vote for prison yard Gaga. The outfit isn't too hard on it's own and then it's just really focusing on the cigarette glasses. Instructables even has a way to make them smoke! Or do double prison Gaga - the glasses and the coke can hair rollers (which I think are technically worn at different times).

Otherwise, I've always loved the bubble dress though I have no idea how to do it except with tons of barely blown up balloons?
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i think you could do the kermit dress with not kermits - and i think it'd be funnier and cuter and more diy looking. just go to the bargin bin at walmart and pull out 20 or so $2 stuffed animals.
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the bubble dress you could do with balloons or playground balls, but i wouldn't suggest it. always consider how you will go to the bathroom/how it will move when you're drunk when considering a halloween costume.
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I know you want to go as Gaga. I'm just hear to be the voice of reason to say: this will be the most done thing, no matter which version, this year. If you still feel the need to do this I vote for anything BUT the meat dress.
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Seconding the lobster look; I thought that was awesome when I saw it, and I don't even like Gaga particularly much.
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There's this crazy Gaga makeup tutorial to recreate the look from Bad Romance. Add pink wig and maybe fashion a dress out of a translucent shower curtain over a nude leotard?
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Vegetable dress?!
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Instructables has all your Halloween Lady Gaga-themed needs (as heard on NPR's Science Friday today).
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I'm doing the Telephone Lady Gaga with the blue telephone hat! :D There's a great tutorial on how to make the hat here by SireSasa. His youtube channel is full of other such useful Lady Gaga costuming tutorials.
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I'm doing the meat dress. I bought a lot of red felt and white puffy paint (which they now call fabric dimensional paint). The last few nights I've cut out shapes based on pictures of cuts of meat on Google Images and painted on the marbling with puffy paint.

Now I'm gently basting (ha!) them onto a tank top and an old skirt. It's not going to look exactly like hers, but it'll definitely look like a dress covered in cuts of meat. I'm going for campy.

As an added flair, I'm putting a little toothpick sign in the 'hat' that says RARE. The remainder of the felt will be tied around my fake Uggs with basting string.

Sure, everyone's doing it but how often can you cut meat shapes from felt?
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Last year I did the bubble dress (clear balloons safety pinned to leotard). It was a big hit, but I changed toward the end of the evening so I could sit down.
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