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Suggest to me some creepy, scary, spooky stuff to read/watch/play with online. Not neccessarily Halloweeny stuff.

Stuff like at this link.

I like to watch horror movies late at night on the Chiller network, but their weekend programs stink. I'm looking for other amusements.
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Red Worm, previously.
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Marble Hornets is a thoroughly creepy.
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The Google search term you're looking for is "creepypasta."
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Response by poster: Creepypasta is included at the page I linked. So is Marble Hornets. Thanks, though.
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The Path, online game by Tale of Tales.
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Larry Carlson's stuff is kinda creepy. Flash Movies, Video, MP3's.
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Hotel 626. I haven't done it but I hear good things. Link goes to an explanation of what it is, not the actual thing, so you can decide for yourself.

Even more bizarre than the thing itself is that it is somehow supposed to be an ad for Doritos.
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Seconding The Path. Creepy ambience galore.
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The Hospital is a creepified interactive tour of an abandoned hospital.
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The SCP Wiki.
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"The Enigma of the Amigara Fault" is a bit of manga that ran quite a chill through me when I first read it. Remember to read right-to-left.
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Agreeing with guybrush_threepwood here. SCP is bizarrely fascinating, and many of the entries are absolutely not to be read after dark.

The best way to get into it is to start with the list of top rated articles.
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Best answer: First off, thanks for the link. I love creepy stuff. The following list is mainly stuff to read or watch. Because I don't know of a lot of interactive creepiness online.

Book about The Bell Witch haunting. There are also several websites devoted to the subject.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident - interesting story. Fortean Times itself has a lot more stuff.

Unsolved Mysteries episodes are a treasure trove of creepy-ass shit. Their website has a lot of creepy tales to read.

Haunted Places in America looks pretty good for stories, and looks promising for lots of "true" tales of hauntings, etc.

The Paranormal category page on Wikipedia is a good jumping-off point. Also Ghosts and Mysteries.
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To add to Monster_Zero's suggestion, anything by Junji Ito should be sufficient for your needs. He is best known for Uzumaki, but I think Gyo is even creepier.
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Sorry about screwing up the link.
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The Old Time Radio Library is a free archive of broadcasts from the 1930s-40s, including the original War of the Worlds, Suspense, Lights Out, The Shadow and tons more. Turn off the lights, get a coupla flashlights and kick it really old school.
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You are ready for this: Requiem for a Dream.
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No ghosts involved, but Oldboy is definitely one of the creepiest movies I've seen. If you like thriller-type movies, this one is excellent.
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Salad Fingers by David Firth will make your skin crawl.
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