Why do I have this gap in my teeth?
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17 Months ago, I had six of my top front teeth crowned. During the last 3 or 4 months, the two front teeth have been separating & I now have a slight gap. What's going on here?

Part of the reason I had the teeth crowned was that the 2 front ones were so naturally tight they broke each other & I had many repairs over the years. The crowns were set in perfect alignment, but now they seem to be moving in the other direction, causing a gap.

I'm not having any pain or discomfort & the crowns all feel great, so I won't be seeing the dentist for a few months. But, I just wonder - is this normal? I'm a very healthy, 59 year old female.
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My opinion? Go see the dentist and have your bite checked. If they need to make an adjustment, better to find out now than when a crown fails. And if you are grinding your teeth, much better to find out now and address it. I know I started grinding my teeth, or at least the effects became noticeable, after having some crowns put in.
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Usually you can go in for a quick checkup for free for a year after getting serious work done. You're a bit beyond that now, but I'd still give them a call. Say you got crowns there, and you're concerned. They'll probably give you a checkup for free or cheap. No reason to wait for pain or discomfort - if there is a problem you want to catch it early, and if not, won't you feel better not worrying about it?
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I have no idea what's going on, but I agree with "get thee to a dentist asap."
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Splaying, or the spreading of teeth over time, often accompanies bone loss, a consequence of periodontal disease. It can sometimes be related to teeth that bite too heavily, but more often wear is the result of this.
A diagnosis without seeing your mouth is impossible, and advice to go back and see your provider is the best advice.
Having made that investment in your teeth, i would hope you are having regular checkups, but I wouldn't suggest you wait until then to get it checked.
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