How do I properly use screenshots in a Master's paper?
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How do I properly use screenshots in a Master's paper?

I am towards the end of finishing a paper for my Masters degree, and I'm going to be inserting several screenshots of a website. I'm currently using MLA style. Is there one (or more) proper ways to correctly integrate screenshots into a formal paper? Can someone point me to some examples, or a guide? I'm not sure if they work like a table would (where I'd indicate something like, "Figure 1") or if they should just be referenced and then included in an Appendix section.
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And then I'd reference the website in the references.
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Generally your style guide will have guidelines, but since it's for a master's degree, you'll want to also see what your university requires as far as placement. I remember having to move things from the end of a document into the document, prior to APA requiring it, because of the school's style preferences. Go find the person who knows what you need for your college (we called ours the "ruler lady").
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