Help me find this poster!
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Help me find this poster!

I am giving a lecture on female circumcision to a first year anthropology class on Thursday. The last time I did this I used an Anti-FGM/FGC/FC poster by (I think) Women's International Network to demonstrate how some activism (from the West) hasn't worked because it is ethnocentric.

The poster showed a white woman in a purple, spandex superhero outfit and stiletto-heeled boots, standing with her hands on her hips. In the foreground was an African mother crouched, sharpening a large knife; behind the superhero was a young girl tied to a table and struggling against her bonds. All this took place in what appeared to be a shantytown hut. At the bottom was a paragraph about the evils of female circumcision.

I can't seem to find the image on my computer, or on the internet, and I've lost the slideshow I used before (multi-fail!). Help me, Mefites!!
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Have you tried contacting the Women's International Network directly? Even if they didn't make it, they may have a librarian, resources, or communications person who will remember the poster.

Maybe try contacting the Society for Obstetricians & Gynecologists of Canada or the reference service at your closest university library with a gynecology program.
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