Where can one buy size 15AA shoes in the US?
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Where can one buy large, narrow shoes (15AA) that will deliver to the US?

Asking for my father, who has been buying his 15AA shoes from Dr. Scholl's and Executive Shoes. Dr. Scholl's apparently will no longer be making shoes (or perhaps just not making larges shoes), and Executive Shoes has quit business after 100 years. Zappos doesn't have any 15AA, only 3 15A which don't suit the bill, and plenty of 15B, which are just too wide. A google search also turns up like.com which apparently has a lot of results; clicking through, none seemed to actually have 15AA. He's looking for any styles, but primarily dress shoes, business casual shoes, and casual shoes.

Is there a source for size 15AA shoes that will deliver to the US? He's far from a big city, so paper or online catalogs are a must.
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Depending on where you are in the U.S., there might be an SAS store near you. (There are several in Texas, for example, that aren't near any particularly big cities). SAS does seem to make men's shoes with several width choices in size 15.

They generally don't like to send shoes directly to customers, but somehow my mother did convince them to send a pair of shoes (for my women's 10WW feet, in a color+style they don't normally make in that size).

Anyhow, if you decide to try this option, I'd find the closest location to your father, and if it's too far for him to go to, try calling the location to see if they can help.
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Your biggest issue is going to be that not many places make shoes in his size.

bigshoes.com or Nordstrom. Nordstrom probably has the best selection.
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Your biggest issue is going to be that not many places make shoes in his size.

Correct. Dr. Scholl's and Executive were two manufacturers that have just quit. Hoping there's a secret big shoe manufacturer out there.
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Shoemall.com appears to have a few styles in 15AA. For dress shoes, try Joseph A Bank where they have a style by Johnston and Murphy.
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Allen-Edmonds makes up to a 16 and up to (down to?) an AAA width, but I think they may stop at a 14 AAA/AA. Boo! However, it might be worth contacting them, since they're such a high-quality company and that's awfully close. And even though they ARE expensive, it's because they're great shoes that will last forever and can be "recrafted" when they wear down. They are an American company and have everything from casual loafers to formal shoes suitable for tuxedos.

Given the trouble in finding shoes in the first place, he'll surely be better off with a few pairs that will last a long time.
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but I think they may stop at a 14 AAA/AA

Dang...looks like Allen-Edmonds does stop there for the narrow widths. No 15A, AA, or AAA.
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Allen-Edmonds has legendary customer service, and if you're willing to pay for it, I bet they'd make you a 15AA. Here's a thread at AskAndyAboutClothes where someone unhappy with Alden asks Allen-Edmonds about making a really small size:

"So, while all this is going on, I am exchanging PM's with Paul Grangaard (Allen Edmonds CEO) to see if there is any way that AE can make a PTB for me in my size and to my specifications. AE's 1 last (which is what the Leeds is made on) can only go down to a size 8.5A and I needed a 8.5AA in that last. Long story short, Paul and his team are going to slightly modify the Leeds pattern so that it can be built on the 5 last (which IS available in my size). The paperwork for the custom order was completed this morning and I will have my replacement PTBs in 8-10 weeks (Leeds on the 5 last in Brown Chromexcel with brown split reverse welt, Toby mini lug sole and 2mm Poron insole)."
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