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Help me put together a Kinky Catholic themed Halloween party.

My house-mates and I are planning a catholic themed Halloween party. I'll be the nun. My friend will rock the school girl uniform. And her husband will be the priest. My boyfriend will attend as a monk. We want to extend this theme to the party in general. We are all kink minded to one extent or another although there will be vanilla friends in attendance and we don't want to freak anyone out.

Some ideas we've had so far: a confessional booth, in which we will take turns receiving our guest's confessions. We are thinking of assigning punishments of both the silly and sexy varieties and allowing people to pay "indulgences" in order to get out of their punishments if that's not their thing.

We have plenty of room in the house to spread out activities. And there's a secret passageway into one of the bedrooms that can be used as well.

I've never planned a party like this before and so, hive mind, I ask: What kinds of punishments might entertain the kinky and vanilla guests? What sorts of decorations do we need? How would you build a confessional on the cheap? Any other themed activities or games to fit into the general idea? What haven't I thought of?

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Why don't your create a crucifix in your living room. Get one of your friends to portray scantily-clad, flagellated Jesus (maybe get a guy with nice legs to dress up in a leather skirt and act as a Roman soldier to do the actual whipping). Attach tubes to your Jesus, pressurize a cask of wine, attach it to the tubes, and, voila - turn blood into wine! Not sure where you should put the cheese and crackers, though.
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As far as how to build a confessional on the cheap, if you can hang sheets from the walls/ceiling, that should help keep expenses down. I know 3M makes a plastic hook that has an adhesive strip on the back. You can probably find that or similar at your nearest Walmart/Lowes/Home Depot/Target/etc.

Maybe you can have something analogous to communion wine & wafers. Maybe trashcan punch for the first and vanilla cookies for the second.

If you're looking for punishments to assign, maybe you can assign people to go fondle / be fondled by the priest character, pray at the porcelain altar (your toilet), self-flagellate, etc.
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Well: orgies in the form of group sex, masturbating with either candles or crucifixes and a good old fashioned excorcism for starters (and we're leaving out the scatological details), that's how nuns were having fun. At least, in the convent of Loudon. No matter how depraved & inventive you are, the Catholics always think of something worse first. Read Karl Heinz Deschner's books - especially 'On the Cross of the Church' and you will have party ideas that last a lifetime. Too bad I can't make it. I love myself a historically correct blasphemous reenactment of a Christian orgy from time to time.
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Three things:

-Catholicism is not quite like Mexican-ism, but a great many people on the green took serious issue with a party of a similar ilk mentioned earlier today ( So don't hurt any feelings.

-Despite all of the racist bashing that the party planners were receiving on that thread, I suspect that the green should should be supportive of your endeavor and have a wealth of delicious things to add to your party.

-Anal bead rosary (and a 40 in a paper bag apparently)
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That nun should have a ruler (or a cane). They make excellent scary noises. Don't whack them on anybody unless you know what you're doing.
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Make sure that confessional is the door into the secret passage. Make that the place people go for the kinkiest part of the party.
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You have to get into the self-flagellation/masochism thing, I'd have thought. See if you can get hold of (or more likely, make) a nice cilice. Just the thing to be showing under a slit nun's habit, I'd have thought.

You could have some fun playing with the whole communion ritual too. I'm sure you can think of some amusing substitutes for wafer and wine.

Damn, sounds like a good party!
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Serve body (bread) and blood (red wine).
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Response by poster: Before this ask me gets closed out, I should tell you all that the party was a huge success. We made good use of the confessional (set up in a large closet with black fabric and christmast lights.) Lots of fun was had and more than one sinner got spanked for his/her transgressions. Thanks for your ideas. We did serve the eucharist as a snack (wine and sugar wafer cookies). Yay for halloween. We only lost one party guest due to the blasphamy aspect and he wasn't offended, just not into it.
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