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How can I obtain a copy of Eduardo Paolozzi's short film The History of Nothing for home viewing in the United States? Any format is acceptable.
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My hollow advice would be to perhaps contact the Tait Gallery and ask for contact details of his representatives and then ask them if there is a distributor.

Or maybe see if he' still at Edinburgh Art College. If he's there, write a fawning fanmail and he might just produce a copy himself, never know.

Alternatively, google groups may have a specialty group where Paolozzi is known?

I'm sure you've seen these links anyway. It sounds interesting. But I think you have to write some emails/letters. Good luck.
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According to this site, Paolozzi's History of Nothing is in the BFI National Film & Television Archive collection. Their Cataloguing Unit can help you track a copy down or at least the right archives to contact. Though, by the looks of the site, you gotta be in the UK, and perhaps part of an art organization.
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