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I am suffering through Insufferable Mattress Syndrome and it's taking a toll on my back. I am doing downward-facing dog and some other back-happy yoga routines morning and night but it doesn't seem to be really helping. Can anyone suggest a mattress topper that would offer a little more oomph for a single bed that is also available in Great Britain? I can't get rid of the mattress...
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Before chiming in with a lifelong experience of oomph pursuit, I would need more info about your comfort threshold - oomph target (since people have such ridiculously varying preferences), and what type of not-to-be-gotten-rid-of mattress you actually have, and what kind of trouble you experience with it.
(also, generally, substantially less oomph, wobble and especially sag is much better for downward-facing dogs and other happy backs. If you agree, consider a plank and a medium-thick futon on top of your non-discardable assembly)
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very quick and dirty help: get eggcrate. every other home improvement store or ikea should have it, it's fairly cheap and it will make you at least temporarily more comfortable.
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Weirdly enough, your name is an anagram for "my pillow, my pillow" in Hungarian, and I have found sometimes it's not the mattress as much as it is the pillow.
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I'm not sure what "oomph" is, but if you're looking for stability, the topper might not do as much as a hard piece of wood underneath the mattress. This is what's worked for my dad since his back accident 20 years ago. (I see Namlit has also mentioned using a plank. You have to admit, it's pretty cool to sleep on a plank.)
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Depending on what you're looking for (harder mattress/ softer mattress) you can do as Beardman said and put a board between your mattress/box spring which works wonders for sagging mattresses, OR do what I did for softness - get about ten cheap (I used second-hand and washed them throughly) pillows and sew them together and voila! a pillowtop cover that's less than $100, just put a fitted sheet over it.

Or combine the two of them and see how that works.
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Try sleeping one night on the floor (with a blanket folded under you for warmth and a little padding) to see if that helps. If it does, then you need to go harder with your bed and the plank will help. If it doesn't then you need to go softer and you should try the egg crate.
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I have found sometimes it's not the mattress as much as it is the pillow.

I had serious and near-constant back pain for a long time, until I got a full-length body pillow. Makes all the difference.
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