Salary range for planning/analyst jobs?
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Asking on behalf of a friend: what's the salary range for an analyst or entry level urban planner without credentials in the San Francisco bay area?

(If it matters, assume the boss has already worked extensively with this person, likes and can rely on them, and knows what to expect. The job would be full or part time. I can follow up with them right away if mefites have any questions/clarifications/details they'd like to know about. Thanks!)
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I think you need to be an APA member to access most of that data.
By "no credentials" do you mean no degree, no planning degree, or no AICP? Without any of the above, I'm going to guess $35k.
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I am a member. You make no mention to this person's gender/race/age/highest degree or the type of agency it's in. But the median for < 3 yrs experience nationwide is $45,000. SF also has one of the highest median salaries for urban planning, where 25% of the survey respondents earned less than $73,000. This doesn't say much about entry level salary though.
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I asked my dad, he thinks it's $39-41,000
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$54-$65k at the actual City of San Francisco. It would require a bachelors degree in planning or a bachelors degree in another field plus one year of relevant work experience.

When you say San Franciso Bay Area, though, do you mean San Francisco proper or say, Vacaville? Only San Jose or Oakland, or maybe one of the ritzier Silicon Valley cities are likely to match San Francisco's payscale.

Also, you might warn your friend that city budgets are really suffering right now. Some small towns have no planning staff anymore, and places like Oakland are making major cuts.
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Why does their gender or race make any difference?

The salary survey I saw reports out by gender because there's an observable wage gap between what the genders earn for some reason. I'd assume the same goes for race, and that these are variables in the APA survey.
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