How to get front pages of newspapers from around the world?
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How to get newspapers from all over the world.

Hi so my friend and his wife appear to finally be going into labor with their first child. This is related to my earlier post.

I got them a baby book but I also want to get newspapers, well mostly front pages from newspapers across the U.S. and the world for the birth date. How does one actually get physical newspapers from across the world?
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I ordered some when my daughter was born. Pick the papers you want and they almost all have info on their Web site about how to get back issues. Look for links near the bottom of the front page that say BACK COPIES or even CONTACT US. They tend to be about $5 with shipping for US papers sent within the US.
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Are you near a big city or out in the sticks? Big cities with considerable foreign populations tend to have newsstands with newspapers from around the world. I think it might otherwise be difficult to get a newspaper from a certain date delivered from New Delhi or whatnot.
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If you're only interested in the front pages, you could print your own from the Newseum.
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Response by poster: Anyone know a good international newstand in Los Angeles?
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You might have some luck at LAX in the international terminal.
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