Sports bar near union station (NYC)
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Wife and I are looking for a sports bar near Union Station / Chelsea that will be showing the most NFL games this Sunday so we can get our Steelers fix.
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Do you mean Union Square?
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Response by poster: Yes. Sorry. Currently on a bus to NYC and then a train to union station in dc and my brain was off.
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Response by poster: But the tags are correct
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Best answer: Most bars billing themselves as sports bars will have the NFL ticket, so you should be able to see all the games.
I'm sure you've looked on, but I'll mention it anyway. The only ones I recognise on that list are up on the upper east side, except for Croxley Ales, which is in the East Village and is a nice bar if you are up for a bit of a walk.

but again, I'd just wander around until you see a sports bar. They will be showing the Steelers game.

(Union square specifically? Heartland Brewery?)
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Response by poster: Our train gets in just after kickoff so am trying to miss as little as possible.
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The site lists a place called Reservoir which is about 4 blocks south of Union Square on university.

Never been there though...

If you're taking a train into NYC, wouldn't midtown bars be easier to access than the union square area?
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Response by poster: Not a new yorker. I think i am getting names wrong, but gaspode has given me enough to go on. Will check into our hotel and just look around.
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That area right around Penn Station has a bunch of ok'ish sports bars that are built to serve the pre and post game crowd @ MSG. Stout is a decent choice in that group.

Alternately Blondies which is two stops on the express 2-3 on the UWS is on that Steelers Bar list and is one of the better places to watch a game on the west side of Manhattan.
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Reservoir is OK. Not great. I live pretty close to it and have only been once. Very crowded with the NYU crowd.
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A Steelers fan friend of mine goes to Reservoir. I went once. It was fine but yeah, not super convenient to Penn Station and probably not worth the trip, especially if you want to miss as little of the game as possible.
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Blondies FTW, even if it's out of the way.

If you're arriving at Penn Station, you can try Stout (although, they're as likely to be showing English soccer as American football), and you can also give Tempest a shot - not as many TVs, but less noisy and they'll change a channel for you if you ask so you can almost certainly get the Steelers game.
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My friends are all Steelers Fans and they watch their games at Bleecker Bar, which is at 56 Bleecker Street.
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n'thing Resevoir to be OK - only place I've seen a decent amount of Steelers fans. If I were in your shoes - and I have been - I'd hop in a taxi over to Hell's Kitchen - there's a few good sports bars, I like Mercury Bar - good food, decent prices, they have a screen for each game that's on. There's definitely lots of decent bars in walking distance of PS though that you could go to - if you want that I'd recommend Stout, on 33rd between 6th and 7th.
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