What should I do in South Beach this weekend?
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What should I do in South Beach this weekend?

I've never been to Miami before, so I'd appreciate any suggestions as to what's not to be missed, day or night. To contextualize a bit: my friends and I are several mid-to-late-twentysomething guys.
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Go on the beach. Seriously. It's great. Just kicking into a UK winter, 24 hours later sitting on South Beach. Best ever.

And in future plan for a getaway to Key West.
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Go to Haulover Beach and get naked and look at naked chicks.
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Best answer: The more touristy things are south of 17th Street. Anything North of that is generally residential stuff with grey-market electronics and cheap 3 for $10 t-shirt stores.

Between 16th and 17th is Lincoln Road, mostly known for Lincoln Road Mall, a combination of art galleries, off-the-wall shops, and some mainstream faire like The Gap and Potterybarn. I think there might be a Starbucks or 10 in the area as well. There are mom and pop Internet cafes scattered through the area if you feel the need to harass your freezing friends.

Perpendicular to that is Washington Avenue, more off-the-wall shops and such, a strip club (NSFW), some nightclubs, and an elementary school. Not all in the same building.

Cruise/walk around Ocean Drive, where most of the postcards are shot, and where any movie situated in Miami have to do a flyover shot of. The neon lights are neat to see at night. There's a couple of pricey restaraunts in the lobbies of those hotels. I recommend McDonalds on 16th to get a taste of the local folks. For an authentic Cuban experience, David's Cafe II has some of the best Cuban food in the area, complete with waitresses who don't understand a word you're saying. There's a Starbucks right across the street from there too.

Keep in mind, Haulover Beach is pretty north of the South Beach scene (and, for the record, South Beach isn't technically a city. It's technically Miami Beach, but who's listening?)

Walking along the boardwalk for miles (it runs from around 20th street to 47th) without knowing it is pretty neat as well. And I'm sure you'll come across some naked chicks. They may over 60 though.

And for the sake of the residents and workers down there, don't wear neon green shorts with fanny packs.
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Best answer: A group of guys should go eat at Mango's on Ocean Drive. The waitresses wear next to nothing; the food is overpriced but very tasty. You can't do South Beach without sitting in a restaurant along Ocean Drive and just watching the people walk by.

I go to SoBe most weekends and just lay on the beach and relax. After sunbathing, go to Wet Willies for drinks (also on Ocean Drive, a little north of 7th Ave). Or, hit the Clevelander, which is a little further north. It's a young place with a pool in the middle of the bar area - very fun place to sit and watch sports.

Also beware that the sun is incredibly intense here. I am getting tired of seeing bright red tourists every weekend. :)

If you want any more specific advice, my e-mail is in my profile.
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The sushi at the Delano was surprisingly good, and I met some nice gals at the bar there.
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