Circular LED Displays?
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Circular multi-segment LED displays? Who makes them?

What I'm looking for are like these, but a full 360 degrees. Or, round with "pie slice" LED's.
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I think a lot of such displays are made to order, and are generally just a lot of ordinary round or rectangular LEDs slotted into custom-made container.

If you have a specific one-off requirement, I should think iit would be possible to get someone with a laser cutter to produce something to fit your chosen LED configuration.
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That's a pretty cool part.

I've never seen what you are looking for, but you could roll your own using discrete LEDs and a custom circuit board. Might not be EXACTLY what you have in mind, but the layout software is free and cost for small runs is pretty reasonable.

Eagle CAD is two layer software and a whole bunch of PCB houses offer a few pieces of board for $50 or so.

It's an option. If you'd like to pursue it, I'll send some links.
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