A Nintendo64 in NYC?
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How can I buy a Nintendo64 in person in NYC? Are there any stores with older game systems? Have you seen them anywhere? (Posted for my wife)
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Video Games New York sells old games, and might have a system to sell. Give them a call.
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Places like Gamestop, EB Games and Play N Trade all carry used video game systems. It just varies so you're going to have to call around. Do you have a local trading post? I look through the one here and always see tons of Nintendo 64 systems with games for sale. Any local video game store will most likely carry used games and game systems. Just google around. If it were me though, I'd get one off of Ebay as there are tons and you will get it for a cheaper price. And as always, check the seller's history.
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Seconding VGNY. Just look for the eight-foot-tall Mario.
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I'm not sure about NYC, but every Game Stop/etc. I've been to has PS2 and Gamecube as the oldest thing even in the store (not counting Game Boy stuff since I'm not as informed on them).

Play n Trade might, I know the one in Sumter did. But they're not part of the Game Stop conglomerate.

If you trust me to get you one that works I can go downtown in the next few days and get you one. I'd like an excuse to play with the pinball machines down there anyway.

And while I might be evil for saying this, have you given emulation a shot? Probably about 95% of 64 games work on my computer, and I got it about 6 years ago without thinking that I'd be playing games on it. The ones that don't work would take a video card replacement to get working. If that's something you'd want to try hit me up for some information.
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Craigslist will probably have a bunch, and you can always post in the "items wanted" section if you want a zillion people to email you about it.
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thirding VGNY

I was at their booth at this past weekend's Comic Con at the Javits Center and they had on display for sale, the original Atari 2600 and the Commodore 64 amongst tons of other older games and hardware. It would be definitely worth a call to see if they have and if they don't, they could probably point you in the right direction.
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fourthing vgny. just go there already.
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VGNY's a great place, but expect to pay more than you would for the system on Craigslist or eBay or Amazon.
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VGNY has a lot of awesome things (although the condition of a lot of their merchandise is actually pretty poor); you should definitely expect to pay substantially more than you would pay on ebay/craigslist.

I think the playntradenyc (on 13th st) has moved locations and is now called "8 bit and up"; I don't think they would have a Nintendo64.

Not sure if J&L in Chinatown would have a Nintendo64, but I kind of doubt it.

New York has a lot of things going for it, but great independent video game stores is not one of those things.
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I still see them sometimes in pawn shops and used CD places, though obviously not in New York.
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Response by poster: (This is the Mrs.)

I went to Video Games New York. They had multiple N64s.

The prices were a bit more than eBay + shipping (I didn't check on Craigslist) but I didn't have to wait so it was well worth it, I think.

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