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Is their a service that would allow me to upload my images and embed them into my website in a particular style (see this link for a crude mock-up). I also want the ability for the user to click on an image and for a bigger version to appear (using jQuery or some other javacript library).

This is for a product page hosted on tumblr so I’m limited to what I can do. Fortunately tumblr does allow html, css and javascript.
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Best answer: Not sure what you mean about a "style" (just the positioning/sizes of the images on the page?), but you can link thumbnails to "real" pics with the simplest of scripting (no special libraries required) - If you don't worry about bandwidth (small images, low volume, or fat pipes), just put the image in an absolutely positioned hidden div, and use JS to show it on hover or click. If you care about bandwidth, use an ordinary HTML link to pop the image up in a right-sized window on clicking it. Getting a bit more complex, you can combine those two to get the effect of the former with the bandwidth savings of the latter with a teensy bit of AJAX (stick a placeholder image in an update panel, and replace it on hover or click).

If you can elaborate more on what you mean for the first part of the question, I can try to give a more complete answer. :)
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I've just implemented Gallery 3.0 - it's PHP & mySQL, but if you have the oppurtunity to use it, it's highly flexible and the themes / templates are customizeable.
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Response by poster: pla yes by "style" i just meant the positioning and sizing on the page. Thanks.
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Best answer: I don't have a specific recommendation, but many of the large image hosting services have an API to access their data. Flickr, for example, has several third-party "widget" implementations that do slideshow functionality similar to what you want (example: Flickr Gallery). Searching Google for "jquery flickr" yields a bunch more results of varying quality/customizability.
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So the small image boxes, when clicked, open the respective image larger, in the right hand side larger box?

And this has to be on tumblr?
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