Looking for a 'Wow, that was nice' birthday in Tokyo.
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My wife's birthday is next Wednesday, and it seems I've also got the day off. I'm looking for fun things to do in or around Tokyo for a birthday extravaganza.

I'd like to do something that won't make us both tired halfway through it, so no long slogs. I'd like to end the evening with a nice dinner, either French or classy Japanese, but not more than ¥10,000 each. Somewhere in either Chiba or Tokyo. There's always Tokyo Disneyland/Sea, but we've been to both places and I'm aiming for something new. Any ideas?
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Reservations at a nice French or Japanese restaurant in Kagurazaka are always nice. I like Bettei Torijaya for the atmosphere (Honkan is nice too, but the path leading to Bettei makes it so much better). If the weather's nice as it has been you could stroll around the backstreets, maybe ending with dessert at Saryo.
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If you do the Kagurazaka area walk, I've heard good things about a bakery/eat-in restaurant called Factory (flash) located in Kudanshita near Yasukuni Shrine. Not really a dinner place, but good for a nice oshare-na casual lunch for your wife perhaps.
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One of the best restaurants I've been to in Tokyo, was a place called Labyrinth (ish) near Tokyo station as you walk toward the palace. But that was some years back. But it was most memorable.

The wife went to the Flanders exhibit in shibuya/bunkamura. She really enjoyed it, even though the arts isn't usually something either of us "do".
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